Drugs. Addiction. Mental Health.

20 years of helping the Muslim and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities challenge its most pressing social issues. Help us fulfil our crucial role for another 20 years. Donate generously.

20 Years Servicing the Community

Mission of Hope was established in 2003. Since then, it has delivered professional, effective and quality well-being services and community development programs to the Muslim community of Australia.


Crucial Interventions to Those in Need

Our work has focused on drug intervention services, street outreach, professional counselling (for individuals and families) and mental health awareness support, as well as other programs delivered through the support of our community.

Supported by the community

We have had a collaborative attitude to our work since day one. Our “17 Years” fundraising campaign has been supported by some of the most active, compassionate and committed Muslim leaders in the Muslim community, both across our service areas and beyond!

Why we Urgently need Your Support

We have always been supported by the generosity of passionate individuals in our community, but we are now reaching wider to request the support we need to get through an unprecedentedly challenging time.

More Demand for
our Services

Amidst the challenges of a global pandemic, people's mental health has been challenged like never before. The pressure on our mental health and drugs initiatives is significant.

Employing Professionals to Deliver Quality Services

We insist on delivering the highest quality services to our community. This means employing professionals to implement our programs. This takes up the majority of donations our generous, individual donors give.

Financial Challenges in a Difficult Year

Together, these factors have meant that donations received have not been able to cover our needs. We need fundraising support to continue to provide our much-needed services to a community in desperate need of them.