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Mindfulness in CALD community (will focus on in the Muslim community)


Mental Health issues are common in migrant communities and increased among refugees, asylum seekers and minority groups. Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities underutilise mainstream Mental Health Services and they very often present in a time of crisis.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation while some authors emphasis its Buddhist origin, others find resonance with religious and spiritual traditions including Islam.

The CALD Mindfulness established in 2016 is a low intensity mental health and wellbeing intervention which has been providing face to face and online across SESLHD and SLHD. Through its partnership with community organisations the program, to date, has reached around one thousand three hundred (1,300) participants in either a face to face or online format. It also trained over 100 bilingual mental health professionals and community workers.
More recently, an in language mindfulness audio resources have been developed in seven languages (English; Arabic; Bangla; Greek; Mandarin; Nepali and Spanish). The resource can be used in individual therapy or group settings, as an adjunct to clinical care or as a self-help resource.

Outcomes of the program evaluation included clinically and statistically significant improvements in mental health (assessed on the K10+ and DASS21), reduced stigma, increased access to mental health care and helped in building social capital, particularly in new and merging communities.
Qualitative analysis of the of the program revealed that participants grew in their understanding of mindfulness concepts, mastered different techniques, learnt to better manage their stress, improved their relationships with themselves and others and strengthened their spiritual connections.
The in language CALD Mindfulness Program has shown to be culturally and spiritually relevant and appropriate and clinically effective.


Key words: Mindfulness, CALD Mental Health, in language program, in language resources.

Senior Psychologist | St George Community Mental Health Service

Clinical Lead, CALD Mindfulness Program Multicultural Health Service