Sheikh Bilal Dannoun


Integrating Islamic teachings and modern-day research when counselling – A Holistic Approach


This presentation will focus on the importance of incorporating both Islamic and modern-day counselling when addressing clients.

Learning Objectives

– Learning the areas that many Sheikhs lack when it comes to offering best solutions and how this can lead to devasting outcomes
– Learning about some of the pertinent questions to ask by those who offer faith-based counselling
– Learning about preventative methods from both Islam and modern-day insights that lead to a blissful life and marriage
– Marriage is a work in progress. Discover some of the areas spouses must be ongoingly intentional about for a healthy marriage
– What are some of the modern-day frameworks many Muslim counsellor have incorporated into their sessions that are making differences to the quality of the marriage
– Examples from the life of the Prophet where he used alternative counselling
– The importance of pre-marriage counselling
– The Importance of mending the rift between Imams and mental health workers and why collaboration is key for remarkable outcomes

Authorised Marriage Celebrant
Marriage Counsellor
Islamic Consultant


Sheikh Bilal Dannoun has been in the space of marriage related issues for the past 22 years. The main work he does in the local Muslim community of Sydney includes:

– Marriage Celebrant
– Marriage Counselling
– Pre Marriage counselling by way of a mini course
– Divorce facilitation
– Islamic guidance
– Friday sermon khateeb at different Masjids
– Public lectures about Islamic topics, especially marriage related topics
– Management of the Islamic directory of Australia called Daleel


Achievements include:

 – University degree in Languages from Macquaire University.

 – Author of Arabic Reading Made Easy

 – Completion of a comprehensive marriage course consisting of 112 short videos (approx. 17 hours) about the major contributors of a healthy marriage and will be released very soon.  The course covers the most important considerations that lead to a quality marriage, incorporating modern day research and insights and proven strategies that complement the teachings of Islam.