Teguh Syahbahar


Drug and alcohol counselling for Muslim clients


Hayat House, a Mission of Hope initiative, was established in 2003 as an outpatient drug and alcohol service aimed at providing culturally responsive counselling to people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, in particular those from the Islamic faith. Over the last 5 years, Hayat House has been accessed over 1005 times by over 200 unique clients, with the highest demand for services being AOD counselling during the height of the COVID19 pandemic. Hayat House philosophy is based on authenticity and wholeness, integrating spirituality and positive behavioural change through delivering evidence-based interventions to clients and their families. Because clients’ cultural experiences inform and shape their therapeutic experiences, understanding culture is crucial in the treatment of substance use.


Teguh Syahbahar is a Rehabilitation Counsellor, Behaviour Support Practitioner and an Alcohol and other Drugs Clinician (AOD). Teguh works with adults and children presenting highly complex issues such as substance use disorders, addictive behaviours, behavioural disorders, learning difficulties and disabilities.
Teguh currently works as a Rehabilitation Counsellor and Behaviour Support Practitioner in the disability sector, as well as an AOD clinician at Hayat House. Teguh facilitates educational workshops on AOD with a particular focus on youth aimed at creating awareness and prevention.
Teguh provides support for his clients by helping them develop a better understanding of addictive behaviours so that they can make more informed decisions and create healthier habits along their journey of recovery.
Teguh is passionate about his work and believes he can make an impact of empowering those struggling with substance use disorders to seek treatment and lift the stigma attached to addiction.
Teguh obtained his Master’s qualification at Sydney University, a Bachelor of Physical Activity and Health Science at the Australian Catholic University and is currently working towards completing a Masters of Addictive Behaviours at Monash University.


Rehabilitation Counsellor/AOD Clinician