Wael Ibrahim


Pornography and poorer mental and emotional health


In the past 20 years or so, many people have become aware of the harms that pornography can cause. In the process of figuring out how to quit, many people who have been able to stop using porn for an extended period of time report mental and cognitive benefits, such as improved concentration and focus, better grades at school, increased energy and motivation, reduced or eliminated social anxiety, increased confidence, improved mood, reduced or eliminated depression, a greater desire to be social and beneficial to others, more intense or vibrant emotions, and a greater desire to be in a loving relationship.
At the Aware Academy, where we have helped tens of thousands of Muslims around the world resist pornography and live a life of absolute purity, productivity, and faith, people have expressed a stronger connection with Allah SWT through mental clarity, focus, and a decreased feeling of stress, shame, and despair.
This workshop aims to provide the most up-to-date information and studies on how pornography can damage one’s mental health, as well as how to reverse the situation and support those who are struggling in silence.


Educator, Student Counsellor


Wael Ibrahim is the founder of the Aware Academy, which is a platform dedicated to helping those who are struggling with pornography addiction. He is the author of several books, namely CHANGE: A motivational system to break free from undesirable habits, especially pornography. Beat it: 50 plus shades of hope, and his latest work titled: AWARE, find out who you are without porn. Wael Ibrahim is a certified Master life coach and currently, he is the student counselor at the Australian Islamic College in Perth/Australia and a holder of a bachelor degree in Islamic studies.