Workshop Submissions

We are interested in workshops presentations only that address multicultural and Muslim mental health understanding, or interventions that can help to target mental health issues, promote mental health and overall wellbeing. We welcome workshops that focus on culturally responsive mental health issues such as: 

  • Evidence-based therapies
  • Assessment tools and indicators
  • contribution of social sciences to mental health
  • Current insights in prevention and promotion strategies. 
  • Inclusive and culturally safe practices in mental health
  • Traditional healings in mental health
  • Disability and inclusion in mental health
  • Profiling community led positive initiatives with cultural responsiveness
  • Research in treatment effectiveness

What we are seeking from presenters when delivering a workshop:

  • Keep the attention of attendees via engaging, practical learning experience in an 80-minute workshop (Longer workshops may be considered)
  • The focus will be on a particular issue or topic relevant to mental health services and audience participation is maximised. For example, the opportunity for discussion and debate on a given topic, or practical learning of skills
  • A portion of the allotted time must be devoted to questions and answers, or to group interaction – remember this is NOT a lecture
  • Within your abstract, submit a brief plan of how the time will be allocated/managed.
  • The suggested number of presenter(s): 1 (or 2 max upon approval)
  • Workshops can be submitted for 80 minutes

Due date for all Submissions: Friday August 12th 2022

All presenters must register and pay for the conference.

Submission Process

Your abstract submission must be submitted online. After filling in your personal details, the abstract submission process involves entering the following:

  1. Presentation Topic
  2. Author:
  3. Presenting Author Biography
  4. Abstract (maximum 250 words)
  5. Learning Objectives
  6. Contact details (email and mobile phone)

Likewise, abstracts are accepted on the following conditions:

  • Workshops must be presented by the authors. Proxies will not be permitted.
  • The committee reserves the right to accept or refuse any submission.
  • The committee reserves the right to allocate a session time or presentation type, which differs from that applied for.
  • Do not include tables, diagrams or graphs in the abstract.



Submissions For the Workshop Presentations Have Closed