Zainab Khozarji

Specialises in children, adolescents, adults, workcover, CTP insurance

Clinic: Psych Response

Location: Guildford

Contact: 02 8677 7555


Wafa Jaroudi

Specialises in Anxiety, Depressions, Stress, Domestic violence, children and adults, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, NDIS work

Clinic: PsychCentral

Location: Bankstown

Contact:1300 856 779


Sundas Rehman

Specialises in Assessment for Autism, ADHD and learning disabilities. Educational and Developmental Registrar

Clinic: Internal Sunshine

Location: Malvern East, VIC

Contact: 0488 148 151


Ronya Naboulso

Specialises in Counselling and life coaching

Clinic: Fitra Healing

Location: Merrylands

Contact: 0414 637 110


Muhammad Yousuf

Specialises in Eating Disorders, Adolescent Health

Clinic: HeadtoHelp and Inglis Medical Centre

Location: Sale, Victoria

Contact: 0431 099 678


Ronia Ajaj

Specialises in Community services and life-coaching, counselling

Clinic: Positive Life Coaching and Wellbeing

Location: Auburn

Contact: 0414 850 678