Hayat House

Hayat House, a Mission of Hope initiative established in 2003 as a drug and alcohol service aiming at offering services to the, but not limited, to the wider Muslim community. Since its conception, Hayat House has provided ongoing services in the drug and alcohol space commencing with Street Outreach and leading into Counselling, Case Management and Information and Referral Services.

Hayat House having been one of the first ever established Australian Muslim drug and alcohol service has built its foundation on authenticity and wholeness, integrating spirituality and positive behavioural change through delivering evidence-based interventions to clients and their families.

Hayat House works under a harm minimization framework, which recognizes that drug and alcohol use in its nature is a chronic and recurring condition impacting on the lives of the client and their families. The ultimate aim is to help the clients reach their full potential through an abstinence journey.

You can visit our Hayat House website for further information: www.hayathouse.org.au

Hayat House