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TRAUMA: Diversity and Recovery

Bankstown, NSW

Conference delayed until early 2024 due to international events.



Conference Committee

Hanan Dover

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist Founder, Mission of Hope

Nooria Mehraby

Senior Clinician and Clinical Training Manager STARTTS

Senobar Rivzi

Psychologist Mission of Hope

We Invite You To Present!

Mission of Hope is excited to invite workshop presenters for the 8th Muslim Mental Health Conference (delayed until early 2024 due to international events), in Bankstown, NSW, Australia. The conference theme for this year is “Trauma: Opportunities for Recovery & Challenges.” 

We are seeking engaging workshop presentations that explore the connections between mental health, culture, and spirituality within the Muslim community. This multidisciplinary conference aims to address the challenges faced by individuals and promote mental well-being. 

Workshops should focus on innovative and evidence-based approaches related to Muslim mental health. We encourage submissions that facilitate interactive activities and discussions, encouraging attendees to engage and interact with the content. 

The conference will again explore the challenges of mental health and its connections to the broader and local Muslim communities and the synergies between mental health culture and spirituality. 

Conference delayed until early 2024 due to international events.

Presentation Guidelines

Submissions for workshops are now open and sought for with guidelines in submitting abstracts within the below themes: 


Trauma Conference Themes: Presentations should relate to one or more of the following conference themes: 


Access: This theme emphasizes the importance of empowering Muslim  individuals, families, and communities promoting their inclusion in all aspects of society, including accessing trauma-informed service support.  


Disability and Inclusion: It focuses on fostering a culture of equality, respect, and autonomy, where Muslims living with a disability are given the necessary support and resources to participate fully in social, economic, and community life.  


Building Resilience and Well-being: This theme highlights the significance of promoting resilience and well-being among Muslim individuals, as well as their families and support networks. It recognizes the unique challenges they may face and aims to address the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of Muslims, including their cultural and spirituality. and the role of wellbeing interventions in enhancing overall quality of life. 


Culturally Appropriate Care: This theme recognises the unique needs, values, spirituality, and perspectives of Muslim communities and emphasises the significance of incorporating cultural and religious protocols, cultural practices, and religious knowledge into mental health services.  


Holistic, Integrative Mental Health and Wellbeing: This theme acknowledges the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, mental, religious and spiritual aspects of wellbeing. It emphasises the need for comprehensive care that addresses not only mental health needs but also social determinants of mental health, such as family and social connection, community support, and access to culturally appropriate services.  


These overarching themes are broad and also aim to guide the discussions and presentations, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of topics related to trauma that are essential for the wellbeing of Muslims in Australia and the improvement of mental health care services for the diverse Muslim communities/ 

Workshop (90 minutes or Half Day)

Our conference program planning committee are seeking submissions from mental health professionals wishing to facilitate a workshop in the conference program. 

Do you have an idea for a 90 minute or half-day day workshop that is innovative, evidence-based and engaging? 

  • A workshop is where you intend to use equipment or conduct activities that would require attendees to engage via interacting, moving around and/or be physically engaged in an activity. This may also include simulated activities such as breaking out into groups, discussing case-studies, etc. 
  • We encourage potential presenters to submit concepts for evidence-driven/emerging innovations within the Muslim mental health areas. There are no specific themes that need to be addressed as part of the workshop submissions.
  • The Mission of Hope team will aim to provide you with the equipment and set up you require to provide the activities designed. Please include any requirements you have in your submission.
  • Workshops are designed not to present academic papers but to be a forum to assist attendees with continued professional development in their various professional and / or community roles.

Application Details

Email us at conference@missionofhope.org.au with the below details:

Presenter’s details 


First name 

Last name 

Mental Health Profession:


Mobile number 

Primary email 

Biography: 150 words maximum  


The abstract below will be used on the program to promote your workshop.  

Learning outcomes 

Learning outcomes, when well-designed, provide clarity to the learner. Learning outcomes should be succinct and clear, designed to complete the sentence chain, “At the conclusion of the workshop, attendees will be able to:” Learning outcomes should be structured using verbs that reflect the appropriate type of learning.  Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives should be used to assist in composing learning objectives 

Learning outcomes should identify  
– Desired results of the continuing professional development event for the attendee 
– How measurement will be achieved 
– What is expected of the attendees in terms of performance 

– Minimum of 3 learning outcomes required 


Important Dates: 

  • Submission/Abstract Deadline: August 9th, 2023
  • Notification of Acceptance: August 13th, 2023
  • Submission of presentation: October 20th 2023



If you would like to sponsor the conference, please email us at conference@missionofhope.org.au for further details


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